Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you? The best place to see where we are is to go to the map page.
What is the weather like? When we are underway, we put the current weather information on the current position page.
How do you communicate? We have an Icom M-802 marine radio with a radio modem. It is much slower than dial-up. We can only send short text e-mails with it. We also have a GSM phone with a SIM card that we can use to call home when we are near land.
Can you receive pictures? Not while we are at sea. If you want to send us HTML mail with stationary or pictures of the kid(s) or pets, please use our PHOENIX e-mails.
What is your PHOENIX e-mail? The general e-mail is info@sv-phoenix.com
How often will you receive your PHOENIX e-mail? We will receive our PHOENIX e-mail while we are in port. If we are in a particular port for several days, we'll check it regularly while we are there.
What if I send a long e-mail to the boat? The boat e-mail is set to cut off long messages.
Can I send you an e-mail while you are underway? Yes. You will need to send it through one of our communications managers. They will consolidate all of the questions and mail them to us. We'll respond.
Why does the "as of" time use Z? Z is the timezone designator for ZULU time or UTC (Coordinated Universal Time). UTC is based on the Prime Meridian, which is 0 degrees longitude. The Prime Meridian is also called the Greenwich Meridian because it passes through Greenwich, England.