Summer 2014

We need to use the boat more this summer and the best way to do that is joining a couple of longer races. The goal is fun, fun, sailing fast, fun, fun and learning new skills. If you're not sure you can stay with PHOENIX for the entire time, we may be able to split crew: one group to race down and others to sail back.

We will have a couple of practice days before the races. Stay tuned for them.

Last updated: 21 March 2014
Dates Race Distance Days Comments
23-26 May 2014 HYC Down the Bay Race ~120 NM Overnight Start at 1000 Friday 23 May 2014 off buoy 2 Annapolis harbor. Race site
11-12 July 2014 Solomons Island Race ~60 Overnight Start off Annapolis at 1830 Friday 11 July 2014.
1-3 Aug 2014 Governor's Cup ~75 Overnight Coral Sea. Stop in Cairns to check-in. -- Oops, wrong thing! Start off Annapolis at 1800 Friday 1 Aug 2014.