Refit Photos


The keel before being fixed.

After arriving at Mars.

The fin stripped to the bone.

The fin/bulb joint.

Fin structure with epoxy coating.

The new composite fin.

The new fin, view 2.

Finished keel at Great Bay.

Installing the keel to the hull.

Keel and boat together again.


The hull when we bought the boat.

First pass repairs.

Second pass repairs.

Sanding and fairing.

Sanding and fairing close-up.

Port side repairs.

Port side sanded and primed.

Port side sanded and primed.

Port side repaired area brushed out.

Port side prepped for spraying.

Starboard side prepped for sanding.

Port side before spraying.

Starboard side before spraying.

Port quarter after spraying.

Starboard side after spraying.

Finished starboard side.

The end result.